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Dental crowns and Dental bridges are the most common restorative procedure in the dental industry. Custom porcelain crowns and bridges restore the look and function of teeth that have been lost or damaged. They also give patients the confidence of a restored smile without more invasive procedures or removal of damaged dentition. Oakdale Family Dental provide dental crown and bridges in the Smyrna, Georgia.

What’s the Difference?
A crown is used to replace a single tooth, while a bridge is used to cover a row of missing teeth.

Why Get Dental Crowns?

  • To whiten, realign, or reshape current existing teeth
  • They are used to whiten teeth when fillings become discolored
  • Crowns can be used to protect root fillings and prevent future damage
  • They may be needed to hold a denture or bridge in place

Why Get Bridges?

  • They are a highly aesthetic option for replacing lost teeth
  • They look, feel and function just like natural teeth
  • When done properly, they are a very long lasting solution