Teeth Whitening in Smyrna GA, Best Teeth Whitening in Town

Teeth Whitening

Over time, habits like smoking, and drinking coffee and tea can stain and discolor teeth. We offer professional, in-house whitening, which is proven to be more effective and safer than at-home whitening kits. No other teeth whitening procedure produces faster results.


Why It’s Better

Unlike home-use whitening systems that incorporate low-dose bleaching agents, in-house whitening takes place under carefully monitored conditions which allow for the safe, controlled, pain-free use of a relatively high concentration of bleaching gel. In-house bleaching methods yield results that are long lasting and visible immediately.

Venus Professional Teeth Whitening

At Smyrna’s Oakdale Family Dental, we utilize Venus Whitening – a safe method for teeth whitening that is now easier and faster than ever before. Venus is clinically proven to whiten your teeth 9-12 shades in just 45 minutes. While teeth whitening is the safest cosmetic dental procedure available, it is not recommended for children under 13 years of age and pregnant or lactating women.

If you’re wondering how you can improve the look and feel of your smile, be sure to ask about our Venus whitening procedure during your next office visit or visit our online store linked below:

Dentist choosing teeth enamel shade color for woman
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