Dr. Chris Shim

Meet Dr. Chris Shim

Dr. Shim graduated from the University of Georgia in 1997 with a degree in microbiology and continued his education to earn his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Medical College of Georgia in 2002.

His post doctoral training has included advanced sedation techniques, reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry, including botox. 

After working as an associate for a few years in the Atlanta area,

he opened Oakdale Family Dental in 2006. Alongside working at his thriving office, Dr. Shim has also been an active member of the Georgia Dental Association, American Dental Association, The Hinman Dental Society, Pierre Fauchard Academy to name a few.

He has spearheaded the annual Give Kids A Smile program and has been recognized as Top Dentist and an Honorable Fellow for his community service. In his pare time, Dr. Shim enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, mountain biking, listening to music and spending time with his family.

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